Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Birthday Dream

Today is my cousin Minnie's birthday. I won't say how old she is because she might kick my butt all over Brooklyn. But I will share the weirdest dream I had about her this morning. First let me preface this with I had spicy food and sugar before bed AND I fell asleep watching reruns of "Melissa & Joey" on Netflix, woke up at 4:14AM, goofed around online and then went back to bed at 5:30AM. That is when the following dream happened:

I got a call from my mom or aunt (I can't remember now) that Minnie took off for a week in the Dominican Republic with my grandmother without telling anybody. I got upset because how dare she plan a vacation without telling anyone, and just taking Grandma like that? THEN I got worried thinking where are they going to stay? Papi has a new girlfriend; there's going to be trouble! 

I was calling all over DR trying to find Minnie and Grandma, worried that some crazy shit was about to go down in Los Mina. The anxiety was so much that I woke myself up, crazed, only to realize that Grandma isn't alive and Minnie hates DR. But I wasn't really awake. I was still in the dream, realizing all of this. That's when I woke up for real sad as hell.

So yeah, my brain is having a meltdown, I think.

Isn't she lovely?

Still... Happy Birthday, Minnie!! Because I know what you really wanted today was another dose of my crazy. LOVE YOU!

*smooches...just for Minnie today*
I'm so tempted to tell you how old she is, though, just so she can call me "odiosa"