Friday, October 19, 2012

This Is What Happens When I Can't Sleep (12.10.06)

i crave detachment

i want you to swoop in,
take what you need from me
and leave
i don’t want poetic mutterings
or lingering kisses
i want harsh roughness,
the kind that leaves a mark
on my soul

i want you to pick me clean
of feeling and emotion
leave me shaken,
alone in the vacant corners
of the room
with nothing
of comfort or peace
for miles

i want you to rape my mind
and yank tears
from my eyes
i don’t want the shelter
of your arms
or whispered promises
i want lies and betrayal,
the kind from which I won’t
ever recover

i want you to love me fiercely
and then throw me
laugh in my face
and tell me I’m nothing,
nothing, nothing
until all I can hear
is the sound of your voice
saying it

*smooches...remembering a particularly bad time*
I'm surprised y'all never had me committed!