Friday, February 24, 2012

Dominican Heritage Month, Day 24

In NYC, Dominicans are mainly known for doing good hair, driving cabs, owning bodegas or playing baseball. And while we rock the hell out of all of those professions, we can do so much more.

David Medina is an amazing musicologist (yes, I said it, because that's what he is!) and sculptor. Julio Valdez paints some of the most beautiful canvases I've seen in a very long time. Sharon De La Cruz is also an artist, as well as a community activist. William Lantigua is the current Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Oscar de la Renta designs lovely apparel. And trust that many of us are successful professionals who keep your books, teach your kids, protect and serve, promote literacy, heal and nurture, build homes, entertain and yes, occasionally blow out your tresses, get you home safe, sell you milk at 3AM and win balls games.

Because we're awesome like that.

*besos...loving all the things we are and can be*
just in case you didn't know.