Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dominican Heritage Month, Day 14

I'd be remiss to let this month of special posts go by without introducing y'all to Manuel "Minus P" Pimentel, the hilarious genius behind That's Dominican [dot] com. (Now, please note that to really get into his comedy videos you will need to speak Spanish. Sorry, gringos, but sometimes it just beeeezzzz that way.)

I first came across Minus P via his old MySpace blog way back in the day. He had the craziest stories and I loved to read about all his adventures on the road as a rapper, and the groupies that followed him around. Well color me psyched when I realized the funny man behind a clever video about the would-be terrorist caught in New York City back in November was the same crazy dude! I quickly became a fan all over again!

And in honor of St. Valentine's Day, child, get into this foolishness:

Besides the videos, though, the site is chock-full of information for our English-speaking homies: a glossary of Dominican slang (so you'll know when Mami is talking about you to your face) and interviews with some of our notables. So sit back with a tall frosty bottle of Presidente, practice yelling out EL DIACHE!!! and get one of your "Spanish" friends to translate the many funny videos from That's Dominican [dot] com, and it might give you a small taste of what it was like to have grown up like me.

Wonderful, beautiful, Dominican me.

*besos...for the funniest Dominicans outside of my family*
Like for real I wait for new videos like a crackhead SMH