Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dominican Heritage Month, Day 22

I bet if I ask most of you to name films with, by or about Dominicans, you'd name some Zoe Saldana/Dania Ramirez train wreck. Listen, they are very beautiful women, yes. Are they good actresses? Well...let's not speak ill of these ladies during Dominican Heritage Month, okay?

Instead, let me direct your attention to a few films that will entertain you while showcasing some serious Dominican talent.

1. Sugar. CHILD. Y'all already know I love beisbol and I thought this was about to be just another sports film, but it was so much more. OH BOY was it so much more!

2. Raising Victor Vargas. The grandmother in this film cannot act for shit, but I loved her anyway. She really was every old person I ever grew up with.

3. Washington Heights. What? I mean, eventually the neighborhood was going to spawn a flick. Manny Perez did it justice, though. This was a solid film.

4. Mad Hot Ballroom. This is a documentary but it features real students from the Heights and OH MY GAWD it's completely adorable.

5. La Hija Natural. I never got to see this film when it came to NYC, but the premise and the trailer definitely piqued my interest. One of y'all come over this weekend and we'll watch it!

Also, in case you want a starter list of actors and actresses of Dominican Heritage to ogle at or admire (for their acting abilities), here's a tiny starter list I discovered online. Enjoy!

*besos...anxiously waiting to see my name on a movie poster or marquee*
it won't be long now before I'm on a list like this