Thursday, March 01, 2007

You Are Cordially Invited...

I'm celebrating a few things and need to party hard. I'm thinking March 30th or 31st. You all need to accompany me to make sure I don't go home with a Hoover-type loser at the end of the night. And because I said so, dammit!

1. 90-day Review and Mas Dinero
My boss is impressed with my work. Apparently I'm a good worker (stop laughing, Irene!). So he gave me a $5G raise...I think that translates to 30 cents more per paycheck after taxes...

2. Paper Finito.
I handed it in. Still don't know if it's good, but it's done and it's in my thesis mentor's hands. Hopefully I still have a chance to graduate with my friends in August (you're all invited to that, too)

3. My 60-day Chip- Rehab is the New Church...
I think I've finally got my sex-addiction under control...two months and counting...YAY ME!!! (well, at least until JC and/or Slash come to their senses and become my love slaves)

4. West Visits East
My friend L from LA is coming out east during her spring break and we'll be painting the town red. You all need to meet her- she's awesome!!!

Party details are still in the planning stages, but expect the festivities to include a lavish dinner at a Mexican, Indian, Italian, Spanish or Mediterranean joint, bar-hopping, consuming massive amounts of alcohol, dancing till our clothes come off and ending with breakfast at a 24-hour diner.

Please be ready to pay your own way (cause you know I ain't got it and can't put nothin' on it) and to be featured in this blog the following day (cause you know you're gonna get so drunk and stupid that I WILL NEED to talk about you!).

RSVP due by March 23rd; presents not required but are more than can buy me a drink or two...also, cash is always appreciated :)

when you come to me
come to me with cake
in your pocket
come to me nicely
with that soft kinda cake
that's mostly icing
come to me ready and rude
bring me angel food
angel food