Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Raquelita Ivelisse (Cascarita Bermudez) Penzo, Writer, Online

So okay, it's no secret to y'all who I am, especially because all 20 of my readers know me in real life. BUT it occurred to me that I am also in need of an author site. You do remember that I wrote a book right? RIGHT.

So here it is, my new website.

Add it to your RSS feed and share it with all your friends (especially if they're agents or publishers or big wigs at Conde Nast. Or Martha Stewart because I still totally want to meet her!).

But don't stop coming here; this is still the home of Jaded and all her rants, raves and ratchet likes and dislikes. Like, OMG did you see the Kardashians this past weekend? KOURTNEY HAD HER BABY!!! Also, I found this video:

See? Shenanigans still reign supreme over here. Now your Wednesday is complete!

Shout out to the homie Michelle for designing my kick-ass site. Go ahead and tell me how awesome it is in the comments. NOW!

*smooches...with new chapters and all that*
and don't forget: The New School, tonight. COME OUT!