Friday, September 14, 2012

Exciting Empire-Like Things

As you saunter off into the weekend to enjoy the sunshine and bunnies and avocado masks (I honestly don't know what you people do), take these tiny morsels of goodness with you: The Jaded Empire has been hard at work and it's paying off!

First- I pitched, organized and booked a literary program at The New School in time for Latino Heritage Month. WHAAT WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! I KNOW!!!!

I'm moderating it, and the panelists I asked to join the panel will be discussing life as a working writer and the courage it takes to tell their stories. AND I PUT IT ALL TOGETHER!!!

Also, SO EXCITED that I'm probably going to get to meet Junot Diaz at The New Yorker Festival next month. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

And I'm launching a new site next week. LAAAWWWWWWDDDDDDD what am I doing to my nerves?

Finally, I'm co-hosting a fitness event through Baobab Wellness and it will feel great to finally have another health & wellness shindig under my belt. This one has sponsors and everything. CHILD. I'm in the big leagues now!

What's new in your world?

*smooches...overwhelmed but in a good way*
wait- is there even a good way in which to be overwhelmed? Whatever dawg...