Friday, September 07, 2012

A Jaded Moment In History Presents: I'm A Native New Yorker

When I was little and locked in my ivory tower, my cousin Minnie and I would, on occasion, pass the time by putting on records and singing along as if we were the artists. I know, lots of kids did this, I'm sure, but we raised it to an art form.

We had dance routines. We had a highly rated variety show that even went so far as to break for commercial (READ: we pressed PAUSE on the tape deck).

One group we played a lot was Odyssey. We had lots of great albums at my grandparents' house and they were the bees' knees to us. More so because we played them at a higher speed than we were supposed to (think of your favorite songs sung by the chipmunks). Our favorite was "The Woman Behind the Man."

(I wish I could have found a sped-up version so you can get the full effect of our playtime shenanigans.)

I'm sad to report that the lead singer of Odyssey, Lillian Lopez, died on September 5. She never knew it, and maybe she knows it now if there's an afterlife, but she was a huge part of my childhood.

And she will always make me SUPER PROUD to be a Latina born in this great City in the 70s. Rest in peace, sister.

*smooches...sad to have lost another one*
they're dropping like childhood idols are LEAVING ME!