Thursday, June 03, 2010

Things To Do In NYC When It's HOT!

I don't think I will wait until the 21st to declare it officially SUMMER in NYC; I'm wearing skirts and dresses, sleeping semi-nude and I've bought a new window fan and shut down the stove usage until September. Dammit, that's SUMMER.

What does a Jaded NYer like myself DO when it's crazy hot in these streets? Um, not stay the fuck home, that's what, especially in MY apartment: guaranteed whatever the temperature is outside, it's 10 degrees hotter inside. It's my very own 24/hr sauna.

This year Mari will be staying with me for a bit while the babies are gone, but she'll be busy studying most of the time. I've given myself a final, no-holds-barred deadline of July 1st to hand in my thesis to FDU so I can get that damn monkey off my back. And hopefully I'll have my hands full w/a plethora of paying gigs to keep my cabinets stocked with Ramen and cookies. But besides all that I plan to be... the various FREE concerts around the City. FREE, bitchezzzz, F-R-E-E!!! the park, becoming reacquainted with my bike (since no one wanted to buy it) and writing til my fingers bleed. Coney Island, acting like I ain't got no chores, jobs or responsibilities, and stuffing my face with fried shrimp on the boardwalk. NJ, chillin in Mami's yard, dipping my feet in the pool, laying out in the sun, watching cheesy TV on her VZ FiOS. the god damn BEACH, trying to convince myself and the world that I'm not really beige/yellow/lightskinded by tanning myself to death.

And when I'm not engaging in those activities you will find me in DC, MA, Montauk and who knows; this might be the year I get to return to DR and/or Cali *crosses fingers*

What are YOU doing with your summer?

*smooches...welcoming the Sun back into my life*
this summer won't be like last summer. You remember- my nervous breakdown and all that jazz? Yeah, we're not doing THAT again. I won't let it!!