Monday, June 18, 2007

Over Yonder, There's the Light...

What I'm looking forward to as the warm weather approaches:

Outdoor concerts in the city, like this one I attended on Saturday (Chrisette Michele in City Hall Park):

My girl L coming out (finally!) to hang for a long weekend...New York ain't ready...

The movie 1408 starring the incomparable, unforgettable, master thespian, Sir John Cusack (with some other people that are not that important). I knighted him myself.

The new bedroom furniture I'm buying from Ikea:

Three weeks at Stacy's Boot Camp (prospect park) beach body is right around the corner...

Salsa classes in BK with my homies

A long weekend in Montauk with my babies before school starts up again in September

A summer without kids...aaaaaahhhhhhhhh

A weekend yoga retreat in the Catskills. I've not given up on inner peace, even if it has given up on me.

The New York International Latino Film Festival

The Latin Alternative Music Conference


Shitloads of freelance work. YAY!

The beginning of the great Debt Pay-Down. I've finally begun that journey.

Time to myself. To perfect my stories. To launch a magazine. To enjoy my family and friends. To pamper myself. To become the best Raquel possible.

*smooches...finally ready to take on the world*
And we are so fragile
and our cracking bones make noise
And we are just breakable breakable breakable girls and boys