Thursday, February 15, 2007

What If I Said I Hate Black People?

Huh, Mr. Hardaway? What if I went on record with the Associated Press stating that black people shouldn't be allowed in the US, or the world? And definitely not in the locker room, spreading their black-ness to all non-black players and not allowing them to concentrate on the game??

You'd be the first one calling Al Sharpton to have me labelled a racist, that's what you'd do!

Your anti-gay statements were DEPLORABLE and your apology SUB-PAR! Why would a gay basketball player's presence in the locker room threaten you, you piece of shit? Because gay men are driven by their hormones and all they need is to see a penis and they go crazy?? What is your fucking damage?

And while we're at it, you ain't all that- so why are you worried about a gay man hitting on you anyway??

But I am glad you went on record. And that you admitted to being HOMOPHOBIC. That you FEAR gay people.

That way you prove the statement that FEAR breeds IGNORANCE and HATE.

You ignorant, hateful man!

I hope John Amaechi tracks you down and kicks your fucking ASS!!!!

*no smooches today...I'm pissed!*
just give up
and admit you're an asshole
you would be
in some good company
and i think you'd find
that your friends would forgive you
or maybe i
am just speaking for me