Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Less Than A Week

It's due.

No more procrastinating. No more dilly-dallying. No more extensions.

My thesis is due and the pressure is mounting. Not only is this due, but I have to pull off Irene's baby shower, do my taxes, write an article on these designers/activists because I desperately need the money, find another job so I can pay my bills AND keep food in the house, and keep up with this blog.

I have to care for two kids; check in with my friends and family; go to work everyday and cover some of the most boring topics known to man (it was interesting at first, fun, even. Now I want to shoot my brains out!); and, oh yeah, I may want to take a minute to take care of me. But that's at the bottom of my list along with having a life and dating.

But back to the thesis. I've scrapped one of the stories. I just don't feel like writing it and I'll still be able to make my 25K word count without it. Two stories are completed. Two need more details (according to my thesis mentor) and two need an ending. The script needs some minor revisions. The 25-pg paper needs a title, 10 more pages and lots of revision. Of the 15 2-pg papers discussing books we've read, maybe 12 or 13 are good to go. I still haven't secured a second reader for my thesis and the books I need to complete my paper are only available to me from the Queens Library in Jamaica, since I've been banned from borrowing books in Manhattan and Brooklyn (god-damned fines!!!).

And yes, I realize this stress is all self-imposed. I did this to myself. But it doesn't make my situation less stressful and upsetting.

So before you call or email me with your petty problems- boss getting on your nerves, significant other driving you nuts, wedding plans going awry, in-laws driving you to drink- take a deep breath and think: do I really want to feel the wrath of Raquel today, or do I want to wait until March 5th when she'll be more in the mood for my foolishness?

Just a thought.

*smooches...enough to hold you over until March 5th*
now you think, so that is
the way it's gonna be
that's what this is all about
and i think that is
the way it always was
you chose not to notice until now...

...and i guess that you dialed my number
'cuz you thought for sure that i'd agree
and i say baby, you know i still love you
but how dare you complain to me