Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello, Old Friend.

It's been a while, no? Let's share a dance before we commence.

So, where have I been? How do I even begin to answer, when I barely know! I'm in the middle of an evolutionary growth spurt--that's how I can explain it best. My blog silence occurred because I'm struggling to understand changes around and within me, and how to continue sharing my story with this non-interactive audience. And if it is even worth it to do so.

When I launched this blog, it was to communicate with my loved ones. More and more, however, I'm finding value in the phone calls and face-to-face time with those same people; writing here felt redundant and unnecessary. Also, a lot of what I'm currently dealing with is of a private and delicate nature, pretty much "nunya," and some of it pretty negative. That's not the kind of energy I want to put out into the universe. Still, Jaded called to me daily. So here I am:

Unwell, confused, stressed, angry, tired, sad, but also loved, sought after, cared for, and with a lot left to say. Hopefully you're still here to read it all.

Game on!

*smooches...unable to quit you
the feeling is mutual, yes?