Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Couple of 6ft Tall Band-Aids, Pt. 1

What's that saying? In order to get over your old boyfriend, get under a new one? There's a lot of truth to that...

Last night I met up with M., a 29-year-old chef from BK. We had a "drink thing" planned. I didn't know if that meant that nakedness was also on the menu- you can never tell with guys these days- but I had my standard, "I have a deadline tomorrow so I can't stay" line at the ready. Turns out, I didn't need it.

This was a new one for me: I got there about 11:30-ish, and got home at 8AM this morning...we actually JUST TALKED for that whole time. I mean there were drinks and smoke in the mix, but mostly we were shooting the shit and it was a mad comfortable vibe. He wasn't all hands, he was funny, had a brain (although after all that drink and smoke I don't know how much of it is left LOL) and knew how to SPEAK. It was very cool. One of his friends came over at one point I got a teeny bit nervous, but he was real cool, too. And after I realized it wasn't going to lead to nakedness, I could sit back and just relax and enjoy their company. We joked about shit, compared tattoos, talked about motorcycles, laughed about our crazy families.

Not too shabby for a first outing since the Break-Up Heard 'Round the World.

come here
stand in front of the light
stand still
so i can see your silhouette
i hope
that you have got all night
cause i'm not done looking yet