Published By 2012

Somebody, somewhere will see fit to publish my meanderings in 2012. This TO DO list will ensure that I do everything in my power to make that happen...without resorting to violence.

  1. Create a submission tracker database.   DONE!!
  2. Read through current Writer's Marketplace and make note of target journals.
  3. Check CRWOPPS-B list daily.
  4. Submit to AT LEAST five journals each week.
  5. Attend networking events AT LEAST once a month.
  6. Organize four literary readings for diverse crowds.
  7. Update workshop blog each Wednesday.
  8. Work on novel daily- at least one hour of uninterrupted writing.
  9. Create a one-stop-shop website for writing + blogs.
  10. Continue to meet & work with writing workshops.

How will you know if I'm keeping up with my TO DO list? Feel free to ask at anytime. I may get snarky, mean or emo, but don't let me get away with it. Call me on my bullshit. Remind me that I promised you all a home in The Jaded Empire and if the empire doesn't happen you'll have to remain at your crappy jobs for life.

Together we will make magic...or drown our sorrows in a bottle of Jameson at a dive bar in Red Hook. Deal?


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