Monday, February 11, 2019

Today on This Meatless Life...

First of all, don't get excited. I'm only here because I personally hate it when people write monologues on FB and found my post was getting too long, and then I remembered: Bitch, you're still pay for this URL. Take that shit to the blog.

Second, if you don't follow me on FB then let me explain that last week I decided to eat all plant-based meals, 1. to see if I could, 2. to see if my body would feel any different or better, and 3. because Beyonce asked me to. There. Now you're all caught up.

So last week's experiment taught me some more about how flavors work together, what it means to be full/satisfied, and how much 'fake' food we're inundated with.

Besides Saturday's tofu adventures, I steered clear of meat/protein substitutes (y'all can keep that impossible burger FAR away from me, and no, I would NOT like any chik'n or 'vegan' cheese or that seitan—pronounced like SATAN for a reason) and instead opted for REAL whole vegetables. I also made better choices on grains and/or starches (because I knew this vegetarian in college whose diet consisted basically of pasta and it was not...cute).

clockwise from top left: veggie pita 'pizza' | tofu tikka masala
veggie + manchego frittata | veggie fried quinoa

Moving forward? Who knows. I don't agree that it's unethical to eat animals so this isn't that. It's mostly trying to recognize what my body will no longer tolerate (I haven't been feeling my best), mixing it up in the kitchen, which is arguably one of my favorite pastimes, and not being so lazy when it comes to my own nourishment (if you looked at my bank statement it would read SEAMLESS all the way down. ridiculous!).

But you can still invite me out for Buffalo wings, and you best believe I'm having SANCOCHO on February 27, and platano con salami can't be beat. But now, I know the answer to "what do y'all vegetarians eat? And is it filling and/or nutritious?" because I lived it. No more obnoxious questions from me, I promise! And I also found another way to reduce my carbon footprint, which is always in the back of my mind. And not to get full-blown hippie on you, but it felt good to peel, chop, cook and eat things that came out of the ground. I could almost imagine that I grew them myself, which, of course, is my next goal.

Y'all be good.

And don't miss me too much.

Also, eat your greens, dammit.

smooches...with a fridge full of veggies and a head full of recipes
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